SonicWall SOHO 2YR Content Filter Service Busi Ed 01-SSC-0677


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Last update : 16-03-2020
Model : 01-SSC-0677
Restrict access to inappropriate, unproductive, illegal or malicious web content Create and apply policies that allow or deny access to sites based on individual or group identity, or by time of day Block or apply bandwidth management to all predefined categories or any combination of categories Control user access to websites over encrypted HTTPS connections Extend enforcement of internal web use policies for devices located outside the firewall perimeter with the CFS Client

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SonicWall SOHO 2YR Content Filter Service Busi Ed 01-SSC-0677 Overview

Survival of the Fittest Still Applies
There are thousands of well-known threats to your network already in existence. And new ones are launched every day. To keep your network safe, your security and data protection solutions have to be every bit as dynamic as the threats they’re guarding against.
That’s where SonicWall network security and data protection solutions and on-going services come in. With them, your network will be protected against the ever-changing world of cyber crime. And their wide range of services can be tailored to suit your unique needs, helping you prepare, manage and update your network security infrastructure.
Protect your business and your SonicWall investment with crucial firmware updates and upgrades, the finest technical support, and timely hardware replacement
SonicWall Support Services
SonicWall not only designed support services to keep your network security and data backup and recovery infrastructure current, but to also react swiftly to any problem that may occur. However, that’s not enough to keep your network safe these days. So, SonicWall’s support services also include crucial software and firmware updates and upgrades, the finest technical support, timely hardware replacement and access to extensive electronic tools.
SonicWall support agreements provide technical assistance during standard coverage hours, typically 8×5 or 24×7. A SonicWall technical specialist will work remotely with you to diagnose and identify software and hardware not performing to documented specifications. Support also includes general assistance regarding use and implementation on a limited basis. SonicWall’s support offerings do not include step-by-step installation or configuration of products or services.

Comprehensive and Dynamic

Designed for customers who need advanced technical support and the additional benefits of on-going software and firmware updates, SonicWall’s support options are available in multi-year options, which includes:

  • Telephone/Web-based Support
  • Software/Firmware Updates
  • Hardware Replacement
  • SonicWall Support Tools



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